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Approved Training Programmes (EVDC Information Document No. 3 )

TP Changes for 2016

Dates & Deadlines modification (May 21st, 2017): click here

Case Logs (EX cases requirement was reduced to 10 as of 01-12-2016)

Approved abbreviations and terms

Recommended Reading List (new 2016 version)

Radiograph Dental Set Template

Radiographic technic description

-Canine Full-Mouth Radiographic Series

        – Feline Full-Mouth Radiographic Series

Specialist center

Radiograph TMJ Set Template  TMJ rad sets have been  removed from the credentials requirements. The action is also retroactive as of May 23, 2016.

Radiograph Positioning Dog and Cat

Radiograph Submission Requirements Dog and Cat

Use of Titles by Trainees

Application for Training Programme Approval

Application Form Training Facilities

Application Form Training Programme

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Credentialling Information and Membership Application  (EVDC Information Document No. 4)

EVDC Publication requirements FINAL 24-10-2016 (replaces older case reports and published papers requirements)

Entry Examinations

Examination passing grade (Board decision on Jan. 17th, 2017):

Addendum to EVDC document n°5 – entry Examination (sections 2.a and 3.1)

In case of a candidate achieving a passing grade up to 3% under the stated passing grade of 70% (in each part of the examination, in the core disciplines of the practical examination or in the overall practical examination passing score), the EC may recommend to the board that the part has been successfully passed by the candidate. Such recommendation by the EC needs to be accompanied by proper justification for approval by the Executive Committee (board). Proper justification takes into account the overall performance of the candidate.

Deadline Dates for Applications (come into force on May the 21st, 2017)

Application Form – Reference Request

Application for EVDC Membership Guide

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Guidelines for payment of EVDC fees

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