Credentials & Education Committees

Education Committee (Training Support Committee)

The role of the EdC is to:

  1. evaluate all official College training programme applications
  2. monitor the progress of residents through their training programmes, providing support and guidance to residents as necessary
  3. submit to the Board progress reports on existing residents and their training programmes
  4. submit to the Board a list of those who apply for training programmes, which programmes are recommended for approval and state the reasons for rejection of any others.


  • Chair: Florian Boutoille
  • Members: Boaz Arzi, Niina Luotonen, Lisa Millela, Fidel San Roman, Eva M. Sarkiala

Credentials Committee

The role of the CC is to:

  1. evaluate all applications for membership of the College
  2. recommend qualified candidates to the Board
  3. submit to the Board a list of applicants who do not qualify, supplying reasons for rejection of each.


  • Chair: Boaz Arzi
  • Members: Florian Boutoille, Alessandro DeSimoi , Viacheslav Eroshin, Sara Van Cauwelaert,