Small Research Grant or Externship Grant

The European Veterinary Dental College is inviting applications for a Small Research Grant or Externship Grant. The purpose of these is to aid Residents of the European Veterinary Dental College and students to pursue a small research project or to travel for an externship in veterinary dentistry. The maximum amount that will be awarded is 1.500 Euro. The application deadline is February 15, for money to be made available in March/April 2019.

For further information please contact the Secretary at

New dates & deadlines (may 21st, 2017): click here

Equine Periodontics-Endodontics wet lab (Oct 13-14): click here

Specialist hours opportunity!

AOVetCMF course taking place at the Oquendo Center, Las Vegas, NV, USA during January 22-24, 2018. This is a wonderful CE opportunity for anyone working in dentistry and oral surgery. Please, contact Dr. Chris Snyder (, one of the course organizers, for more information. EVDC CC/EdC accept to validate 16 hours of surgery specialist hours for residents attending the AOVet MXF course.

Examination passing grade modification (board decision Jan. 14th, 2017)

Addendum to EVDC document n°5 – entry Examination (sections 2.a and 3.1)

In case of a candidate achieving a passing grade up to 3% under the stated passing grade of 70% (in each part of the examination, in the core disciplines of the practical examination or in the overall practical examination passing score), the EC may recommend to the board that the part has been successfully passed by the candidate. Such recommendation by the EC needs to be accompanied by proper justification for approval by the Executive Committee (board). Proper justification takes into account the overall performance of the candidate.

Veterinary dentistry Certifying examination

Will be held on September 14 – 16, 2017. Premises of Accesia, Halmstad, Sweden


Dec 20th, 2016:  Change in the College membership fees for 2017

Dec 20th,:  2016: New Training programmes changes 


October 2016: Changes for veterinary dental residents regarding Training Programme and Publication requirements (case reports and published papers):

TP Changes for 2016

EVDC Publication requirements FINAL 24-10-2016


Last chance: EVDC Fast Track Doc September 2016

During the early years of each speciality within the College a de facto procedure may be used to expand the College membership. All applications that are still nominally within this process will be ended on 31st December 2016. Individuals who have not completed their application process by this date will have to complete an approved Residency or Alternative Residency Programme in order to satisfy the Credentials requirements. 

Exam details 2018:  Call for applications and Timetable for review of credential 2019 examination

Veterinary Dental Resident : New reading list published for veterinary dentistry (see resident’s library)

2016: changes

1. Changes to theTraining and Membership application dates and deadlines – see link below

2. Updated abbreviations and nomenclature (as used by AVDC) have to be used by the residents from may 23, 2016 onwards. See:

3. TMJ rad sets were removed from the credentials requirements. The action is also retroactive as of May 23, 2016.

4. From May 23, 2016 onwards, a Credentials Committee and an Education Committee were formed.

New dates and documents deadlines (coming into force on May 25th, 2016)

Click for link

New EVDC board elected on May 31th, 2018

  • President: Jerzy Gawor (PL)
  • President-elect: Chris Pearce (UK)
  • Past president: Jens Ruhnau (DK)
  • Secretary: Sigbjørn Storli (NO)
  • Treasurer: Lieven Vlaminck (Be)
  • Member-at-large: Frank Verstraete (USA)
  • Member-at-large: Ana Nemec (SI)
  • Equine representative: Henry Tremaine (UK)
  • Equine representative: Astrid Bienert-Zeit (DE)

New EVDC diplomates

  • Dr Carla Manso (ES): Dipl.EVDC (equine)
  • Dr Niina Luotonen (FIN): Dipl.EVDC

IMG_1012 - copie

From left to right: Philippe Hennet (past-president), Niina Luotonen, Jens Ruhnau (President), Carla Manso.

Life membership conferred to:

  • Pr Colin E. Harvey (USA), Diplomate (retired)
  • Pr Karl Zetner (AUS), Diplomate (retired)

for their meritorious contribution to veterinary dentistry in Europe and to the development of the EVDC.


From left to right: Philippe Hennet (past-president), Colin E. Harvey, Jens Ruhnau (President)

Equine position offered (uploaded 20/12 – 2016)

Advert SCTS Equine Dentistry Final January 2016

Scholarship Application Form – SCTS – 2015 SCTS

Equine Dentistry Further Particulars Final January 2016

2019 Examination process – credentials deadline 

VETERINARY DENTISTRY From 2016 on, residents  will be required to submit their credentials packages and supporting documents for evaluation by November 30th (previous year). Candidates will be notified if they are accepted to sit the exam by March 30th and will be required to confirm they are taking exam by April 15th. The exam will be held in early or mid September.  
EQUINE DENTISTRY There is no longer opportunity  to sit Fast track entry examination to the EVDC Eq. The last exam held for fast track was September 2018.
April 2014: EBVS Meeting: – EVDC Treasurer receives EBVS Award

Leen Award 2014I am delighted to announce that Leen Verhaert received an award for service to the EBVS from EBVS President Stephen May. Leen and her colleague served as the EBVS auditors from 2004-2009 EVDC is also pleased to announce that EBVS has approved our five year revalidation. A lot of hard work was put into this by Leen, Alex and Cedric. Everyone in the college owes them a debt of gratitude for helping to make sure that the college remains on the list of European Veterinary Specialist Colleges. The request to change the name of the college from EVDC to European College of Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery (ECVDOS) was rejected. However the EVDC Board is delighted that Alex Reiter will continue to work with colleagues in AVDC, AVDS, ECVS with regard to explore the possibility of a fellowship programme on oral and maxillofacial surgery.

April 2014: Equine Examination 2014

The EVDC is pleased to announce that the next EVDC (Equine) Examination will be held on the 3-4th October 2014 in Edinburgh. Full details of the examination will follow shortly.

April 2014: EVDC Examination 2014

The EVDC is pleased to announce that the next General EVDC Examination will be held from 4-6 September 2014 at the Acessia facilities in Sweden.

September 2013: Equine Examination

The EVDC EqSOC and a number of other European based colleagues busy with Equine Dentistry will sit an exam on 27 and 28th September using an electronic / online examination technology. The “other” members were determined as being fit to take the examination after peer review by the EVDC and AVDC SOCs who carried out a Delphi procedure on all 60-70 applications from colleagues involved with equine dentistry globally. The EDVC Eq team set in excess of 250 questions as did the AVDC SOC so there is an exam question base with over 500 questions – about half of which are theory and the other half COMC (image based questions). The ‘examination question selection committee’ consists of three individuals (Alex Reiter, Gary Goldstein and James Schumacher). The appropriateness (deciding whether the question is appropriate and there is indeed only one correct answer) and Angoff scoring (deciding about the ‘difficulty’ of each question similar to what we already have in place) have been determined previously by others. The question selection committee simply pick the questions to put together the two examinations which are forwarded to Colin Harvey who will make them available to the candidates online under examination conditions. This first examination consists of 100 questions for the bench examination and 150 questions for the written examination. There is no practical examination in place for the first group of candidates. This will be added for future candidates once the representative executive committees have been established that will refine the documents of the examination and create documents related to the application for membership (credentials) and training programmes in collaboration with their respective Boards.

September 2013: General information on Equine SubSpecialty Agreed

The Board of the EVDC has unanimously agreed a paper outlining the general information for the founding of the new Equine SubSpecialty and the criteria and process for approving the foundation Diplomates. Click here for details of the Equine Paper.

September 2013: Position Statement on Anaesthesia Free Dentistry

EVDC has agreed a position statement on Anaesthesia-Free dentistry. Click Here for more details.

September 2013: New Residency opportunity:

An EVDC  residency position in Oral surgery and Dentistry, starting January 2014, is offered at ADVETIA specialty referral center in Paris under supervision of Philippe Hennet, DVM, DipAVDC, DipEVDC. Obligate requirement is to be french speaking and authorized to practice veterinary medicine in France. This is a three-year paid position. For more information, please contact:  Philippe HENNET (

August 2013: Job opportunity Canada:

Hello David, I realize it is more likely that I will find a suitable candidate this side of the pond, but I might as well cast a wide net. Therefore, I am going to ask if you could send the attached pdf to all of your DMS subscribers to dips and residents all get a chance to see it. Click here:- Fraser Hale Job Posting. Thank you. Fraser Hale, DVM, FAVD, DAVDC

August 2013: Equine SubSpecialty – General information Agreed:

The Board of the EVDC agreed the General Information paper for potential founding diplomates etc of the new Equine SubSpecialty. Click here for more information. Equine Subspecialty General Information 2013 09 06

February 2012: Residents/Trainees/Applicants/Supervisors pease note the new radiograph documents. Please read the current version of these documents before submitting radiograph sets. June 2012: The abbreviations list has become dynamic and it will now be updated whenever changes are approved. Trainees must now create a “snapshot” copy of the on-line abbreviations list at the start of each training review period and use that list throughout the training review period. Please see the notes on the abbreviations list web page and in TMS. July 2012: The new form are available for supervisor assessment of suitability of procedures to be claimed as meeting the standard expected of minimum required procedures (MRPs). The new MRP forms replace the old MRCL forms. July 2012: New membership application documents have been created incorporating explanations of current submission requirements. If you have any questions regarding the changes, please contact the College Secretary.