Position Statements

Below are listed some of the formal position statements agreed by the Board of the EVDC. If you feel there are other issues that the EVDC should consider – please contact us.

Anaesthesia-Free Dental Procedures

The EVDC roundly condemns the practice of offering Anaesthesia-Free dental procedures.

In summary, “anaesthesia-free dental procedures”:
• cannot allow full oral examination to be performed and vitally important diagnoses may be missed or delayed;
• do not allow full and effective cleaning of the most important sub-gingival areas;
• may actually cause damage to the tissues surrounding the teeth;
• may cause discomfort, pain and/or distress to the animal;
• are likely to delay clients accessing effective, proper oral care;
• if performed under the guise of a “Dental Treatment” could be considered misleading; unless the owners are made aware of the inadequate and potentially injurious nature of the procedure.

To read the full paper click here: 2013 Anaesthesia-Free Dental Procedures EVDC