Training /Residency programmes

The route to becoming a Diplomate of the EVDC is not an easy one, it takes time and dedication- however at the end of the process you will be a recognised European Specialist in Veterinary Dentistry.

Membership of the EVDC is open to suitably trained veterinarians who:
· Have appropriate general veterinary training and experience
· Have advanced veterinary dental training and experience
· Have satisfied all the College credentialing requirements
· Have passed the College entry examinations
and, following admission to the college:
· Have maintained their commitment to the specialty
· Have continued their training and experience in the specialty



  1. have a satisfactory ethical standing in the profession
  2. be a Veterinarian holding a qualification from a recognised European Veterinary University or an equivalent Higher Education Establishment that held European accreditation at the time the qualification was awarded, unless relieved of this obligation by the Board of Directors
  3. be licensed, or be eligible to become licensed, to practise veterinary medicine and surgery in a European country
  4. have performed at least a one-year internship period or equivalent.
  5. have completed special training and gained experience in veterinary dentistry as required by the College and described in the official EVDC information documentation
  6. have successfully passed the certifying examination of the EVDC or be a Diplomate in good standing of the American Veterinary Dental College.



Finding a specialist center (Veterinary Dentistry & equine dentistry)

          Veterinary Dentistry programme                                   Equine Dentistry programme


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