Veterinary Dentistry Programme


Please read the documents available on the EVDC web-site ( pertaining to the description of residency (training) programmes and the necessary requirements:

 Approved Training Programmes (dates and deadlines have been modified in 2016 – see below)

Applying_for_Training_Programme_Approval-20121217 (dates and deadlines have been modified in 2016 – see below)

Dates and deadlines- 2017/05/21 

The application for a new residency programme is to be done online through VetDentDMS (

You must contact first the EVDC secretary ( prior to starting any application.


Preliminary note :

To undertake training for the College entrance examination, all candidates must meet the following criteria:

a) The applicant must be of high ethical, moral and professional standing.

b) The applicant must be a veterinarian that graduated from an accredited European school of veterinary medicine, or be a graduate of an equivalent non-European educational body recognized by the EVDC unless relieved of this obligation by the Board of Regents.

c) Be qualified to practice veterinary medicine in Europe.

e) Shall have spent 1 to 1.5 years in a rotating internship or equivalent as approved by the Credentials Committee. 


Below is the check-list of items that you will have to provide (application package)

  1. Application form for training programme: Application Form Training 
  2. Fee payment:  Guidelines for payment_2016 ; check the appropriate fee in the EVDC fees section; after you payment has been processed, you will be sent a receipt ; please  include the receipt in your  application package
  3. Graduation certificate: original + self English translation
  4. Licence to practice in Europe: original + self English translation:
  5. Letter of good standing/lack of grievance or ethics infractions from the licensing body: original + self English translation
  6. Curriculum vitae: to be filled-in : Template CV EVDC
  7. Residency (training) site application
    1. Alternate (part time) residency in a Recognized training centre: Application Form Training Facilities
    2. Standard (full-time) residency in a specialist centre.
      1. Self-certification statement to be filled by residency director: Specialist Center self certification statement
  8. Residency (training) programme description: detailed description of the proposed training programme explaining how all the training requirements will be met.
  9. Handouts and charts: copy of all anaesthetic, oral-dental and other record forms and client handouts used (translated in English if necessary)
  10. Training Programme application – supervisors’s approval form

 All required documents have to be uploaded in VetDentDMS as a bulk package under “Application for programme registration”

Please number and name each documents as indicated above when saving the file