The Committees

EVDC is essentially a volunteer organisation. it depends upon the goodwill and the dedication of its membership to achieve its functions. Without the time donated by its committee members – the EVDC would cease to exist. The Board would like to thank all of the committee members for working for the benefit of the College, of Veterinary Dentistry and for the benefit of the wider profession and for the welfare of animals.

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Credentials & Training Support Committee

The role of the Credentials Committee (CC) is to assess trainees documentation and to ensure that they are fit andready to take the examinations. As part of this they also assess the training provider and their facilities to try and ensure an appropriate training environment is available.

The CC also currently undertakes the role of the Training Support Committee (TSC). Within this role they provide assistance for trainees and help in progressing towards sitting the examination.

Examination Committee:

The role of the Examinations Committee (EC) is to set the examinations that candidates sit and to supervise and mark those examinations. Scrupulous attention is focussed on detail and ensuring that the examinations are fair to all candidates.

Equine Sub-Speciality:

The new Equine committee is charged with organising the initial examinations and approval of foundation diplomates.

Diplomate Re-Evaluation Committee:

Studying, testing and quality control do not stop once Diplomates have passed the examination. There is a continued round of re-assessment of Diplomates, this is designed to ensure that the standards of Diplomates of the EVDC and Specialist status from the EBVS is maintained

EBVS Liasion:

The European Board of Veterinary Specialisation (EBVS) is the controlling body of Veterinary Specialists within Europe. It is essential that EVDC plays an active role within the organisation.