The Equine subspecialty

The equine subspeciality of the European Veterinary Dental College was founded in 2013 in collaboration with AVDC and with input from world leaders in the field. Major differences between the anatomy, disorders and treatment of brachydont and equine dental diseases required the establishment of a more specific equine dental specialist training.  There have been significant scientific and clinical advances in equine dentistry over the past two decades and the development of this subspeciality has allowed these advances to be translated into improved equine dental care to horse owners. This subspeciality sets high standards for training of specialists that can offer a referral service to their colleagues in general equine practice.

Potential New Entrants:

The window for “Fast-Track” applications to the EVDC has currently closed. If you’re interested in acquiring the equine dentistry specialist diploma, you should think about embarking into a residency program.

More details will be published soon on this webpage!

A few examples of more advanced equine dental techniques are presented below

Minimally invasive transbuccal extraction of a fractured infected maxillary cheek tooth under endoscopic guidance

Radiography during a Steinmann pin repulsion of a fractured infected maxillary cheek tooth

Placing an orthodontic tension band on a foal with overjet, under general anaesthesia