Archive | August 2017

Scottish Region are looking for Stewards

Any CCC members who would like to enjoy some free camping at rallies and THS’S, become a steward for the meet.  All we ask from you is your name and address and contact phone number so as we can put a list together of people who would like to help steward various meets for us.
Namely Scottish Regions annual THS’s. People don’t have to run these meets on their own as assistance will be at hand.
Without members coming forward some of these meets may need to be reduced and this would be such a shame as we all enjoy our style of camping.
We are not looking for people to commit to staying on site for weeks, but a day here and there would help us all to continue this style of meets that we all enjoy.
Anyone interested in coming forward or for further details please contact us with your questions and details.
Kind Regards
Peter Brotherston